Hebei Xingtai to promote agricultural industrialization

Everyone can rely on poverty alleviation projects

Zhang Zhifeng Li Kai

In November 2018 08, 08:23 source: 138479.xyz: People's daily

Backed by a good shade tree!" Hebei Xingtai South County Yan Li Cun Li Suting was poor households filing riser, to work in the local planting base of Jinsha River industry group, daily wages 50 yuan, 2 acres of land transfer to the base of their annual rent of 2000 yuan, driven by the industry let the family out of poverty. In the village there are 45 poor households like her, on the project out of poverty.

In recent years, Hebei Xingtai based on the advantage of the agricultural resources, to actively explore the new path of industrialization of agriculture promote accurate poverty alleviation, cultivate 5 national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, 64 provincial leading enterprises, 410 municipal enterprises, has 13 well-known trademarks Chinese agricultural products, agricultural industrialization rate 70.3%. In the process of advancing the whole transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture at the same time, to achieve a poor household income, everyone has a way out of poverty.

In recent years, Xingtai has sought funding arrangements and levels of more than 200 million yuan, a batch of the rapid progress of the project, a substantial increase in the degree of deep processing. This year, there are 157 total investment of 10 million yuan project.

The project brings jobs, farmers locally to employment, to stabilize poverty." Deputy director of the Xingtai Municipal Bureau of agriculture road with the increase of the government said that the growth of poverty alleviation leading industry at the same time, also carried out occupation training of farmers, increase rural efforts to foster new business entities, guide enterprises for the local people to safety skills, free training, help farmers smoothly become industrial workers. According to the Xingtai municipal Poverty Alleviation Office Director Zhang Fengzhen introduced 3 years, the city's total of 221 thousand people out of poverty through agricultural industry.

"People's Daily" (08 November 2018 12 Edition)

(commissioning editor: Yang Yang (Intern), Yin Shen)

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