Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to preach campus recruitment policy

In November 2018 08, 08:43 source: Beijing daily
Original title: Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to preach campus recruitment policy

"To host the Winter Olympics is a major event in the country, the nation and the people happy event, Beijing is the historical opportunity of College students. Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee need you, need you......" Yesterday, the harangue echoed in the Beijing Sport University teaching building 313 classrooms. Taiwan is the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee for the 2019 college graduates recruitment propaganda, Taiwan is to listen carefully to the hundreds of students of Beijing Sport University.

In order to speed up the pace of internationalization, specialization, cultivate high-end talent, widely absorb excellent talents in higher education institutions involved in the preparatory work, to ensure that the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics into a magnificent, extraordinary, outstanding Olympic Games, Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee announced in October 31st 2019, the national average college full-time college graduates, and to August 1, 2018 during the period of July 31, 2019 to obtain country (territory) degrees and complete the Department of education qualifications of overseas returnees, the recruitment of 37 jobs, a total of 44 staff.

Lecturer also answered the students about the registration, examination, audit committee and Olympic nature of work, work treatment and in the future can be settled in Beijing and a series of practical problems, and will fill the post detail account for everyone, who wish to participate in the Olympic family students from the beginning to take seriously every work.

Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee responsible comrades said that the Olympic Organizing Committee has sent 4 groups, each group of 4 people, from this month 5 days to 16 days, in-depth Beijing, Hebei 21 institutions of higher learning to preach, to promote the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Beijing Olympics the progress of the preparatory work, encourage excellent college graduates to apply for the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, make contributions to the country. (reporter Wu Dong)

(commissioning editor: Yang Yang (Intern), Yin Shen)

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