The ecological environment of Fujian Province Department of Fujian on Donggang Petroleum Chemical Industry Co Ltd chemical spill emergency terminal environment

In November 2018 08, from 21:35: Beijing in November 8, according to the ecological environment of Fujian Province Department of news, On November 4th at 1:13 in the morning, Fujian Province, Donggang Petroleum Chemical Industry Co Ltd executive nine carbon loading operation, leakage terminal connects sea hose. After receiving the report, Quangang District Environmental Protection Bureau immediately launched the emergency plan for environmental emergencies, rushed to the scene to carry out environmental emergency monitoring and investigation report, Quangang District Environmental Protection Bureau, the provincial government immediately; the ecological environment of Quanzhou city hall immediately organize forces rushed to the scene, with the guidance of the local government to carry out emergency work; in November 5th, the ecological environment of the East China Bureau of personnel rushed to the inspector field guide.

According to preliminary analysis and response plan provisions, Quangang District Environmental Protection Bureau has issued 4 public information bulletin. My office is in the emergency department of the ecological environment in the process of information is as follows:

First, the basic situation

According to the survey by Quangang district government, and the transfer of the crew statements Donggang petrochemical terminal monitoring in November 3, 2018, around 16 PM, "1 days of tung oil tanker berthing pier Petrochemical Industries Co in Donggang; November 3rd at 19:20 in the evening, starting with nine carbon loading from Donggang Petrochemical Wharf industrial pipeline; on November 4th at 0:51 in the morning, the oil pipe pipe dance at 1:13 in the morning, occurred; industrial cracking carbon nine chemicals leakage Donggang petrochemical terminal operators found during shipment. Field staff to take immediate measures to stop the pump off valve, and entrust qualified units quickly to the terminal for oil recovery. At 1:23 in the morning to stop the oil leak; at 2 pm, the disposal of waste oil recycling units rushed to the pier; at 4:30 in the morning, around the oil column clean-up operation basically ended. But some oil to the nearby waters xiaochuo part of the region of Quangang mobile, the air appeared pungent odor.

Two, environmental emergency disposal

After the incident, the local government immediately deployed by the marine department lead organization of the oil spill disposal and pollution treatment, ensuring the food safety; by the environmental protection departments to strengthen monitoring of atmospheric environmental quality. After the incident, the ecological environment department has taken the following measures:

(a) rapid response. In November 4th at around 3 am, Quangang District Environmental Protection Bureau received some complaints from the masses, organizes the personnel immediately to the relevant area of field investigation. After the inspection, at around 5 am to confirm the odor sources of influence for Donggang Petrochemical Wharf oil leakage. The report of the total duty room and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, and in accordance with their duties to carry out emergency monitoring and follow-up investigation and disposal work of environmental protection. The ecological environment department after receiving the report, immediately organized experts and rushed to the scene, with the guidance of the local government to carry out emergency work.

(two) continue to carry out environmental monitoring. According to the national monitoring standards and material leakage chemical properties, since November 4th, Fujian Province, Quanzhou environmental monitoring center station at the leak point downwind laid on the village, villages and other sensitive peak before two, the direction of the wind sensitive point in November 6th xiaochuo Village, setting a monitoring control after the four point Xiaocuo Cun CuO 4 point to carry out VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and continue to carry out emergency monitoring, sampling and monitoring.

(three) with rapid oil pollution at sea. The local environmental protection departments to strengthen communication with relevant departments, according to the city government organization with the development of marine pollution disposal, repair materials issued Yupai bailout. Maritime authorities dispatched dredging ship, use of linoleum, drag cable due to tidal changes out of the containment of pollutants in the downstream of Donggang petrochemical oil distribution. According to the feedback of the local marine department, the sea oil has been cleared up.

(four) guidance and supervision regulate the disposal of hazardous waste. Quangang District Environmental Protection Bureau organized law enforcement officers in Donggang Petrochemical to carry out on-site inspection of law enforcement, supervision and guidance in a timely manner will be used to transport oil absorbent felt qualified disposal of hazardous waste disposal center, to prevent the occurrence of pollution two. At present, the creation of the emergency disposal process of waste linoleum and other hazardous waste disposal units, by qualified.

Third, the atmospheric environmental monitoring and assessment of the situation

11 4, 12, VOCs monitoring results respectively on the West (leak recently Village) 14.9mg/m3, before the peak of 0.4934mg/m3 village, 0.9756mg/m3 village xiaochuo. In November 4th 3 pm on the monitoring result of VOCs Nishimura dropped to 4.929mg/m3 at 4 pm on the monitoring results of Nishimura dropped to 0.429mg/m3. The morning of November 5th 10 VOCs monitoring results for village 0.0574mg/m3, before the peak of 0.5200mg/m3 village, 0.7740mg/m3 village xiaochuo. 6 to 7, maintained at 0.018 mg/m3 to 0.239 mg/m3, the 8 day deadline at 14 in 0.102mg/m3 to 0.422mg/m3.

The simultaneous analysis of the components of VOCs, concentration of air in November 4th 12 naphthalene and styrene were 12.07mg/m3 and 1.77 mg/m3, respectively, 81% and 11.88% VOCs in the air, the concentration is lower than the national standard of occupation health "workplace harmful factors of occupation exposure limit limit of harmful factors" (GBZ 2.1-2007) the time weighted average concentration in the limit (i.e. 8 hours average concentration limits), including: naphthalene time weighted average concentration limits for 50mg/m3, styrene time weighted average concentration limits for 50mg/m3. The atmospheric environmental monitoring data afterwards also were less than "workplace harmful factors of occupation exposure limit limit limit value (chemical harmful factors" the limit refers to the long-term repeated exposure, in the occupation activity process for the vast majority of subjects exposed to health does not cause the allowable contact adverse effect level).

At present, Fujian Province, Quanzhou Environmental Monitoring Center for atmospheric environment quality tracking monitoring station is still in the province, the ecological environment department will continue to pay close attention to. At the same time, the public can visit the official website of the office of the ecological environment in Quangang area and the surrounding area query environment air quality monitoring points in real time the latest data. The waters surrounding the discharge water quality monitoring can be released on the marine sector leak information. The ecological environment is urging the Department of the Quanzhou municipal government issued a more detailed information.

(commissioning editor Yue Hongbin and Cao Kun)

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