Chongqing college entrance examination in response to political "statement: strict

In November 2018 09, 02:47 source: social channel Beijing in November 9, the Chongqing education examination website 9 morning issued "on the college students' Ideological and political moral assessment 'about information".

Note that: in November 2nd, our hospital Chongqing recruit "WeChat public release" hot issues here are the candidates concerned, "the information, will be the college entrance requirements of the examinee" Ideological and political moral assessment "described as" political "is not standardized, not accurate. The afternoon of November 8th, our hospital staff in answer to a reporter inquiries, the answer is not accurate. Because the information content in our hospital released expression is not standardized, not accurate, checks are not strict, cause public misunderstanding, apologies.

The note also said that in 2019, Chongqing city college entrance to the examinee "Ideological and political moral assessment contents and methods showed no changes. Welcome to the news media and the community to continue to support the supervision work of the Chongqing Municipal Education examination.

(commissioning editor: Cao Kun)

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