To declare war on agricultural and rural pollution

From production to life, the whole tube

Newspaper reporter Sun Xiuyan

11 month 2018 years 09 days from 04:41: People's daily

The current situation of agriculture and rural ecological environment protection is still grim, dirty and messy problems in some areas are still outstanding, become a comprehensive well-off society built outstanding short board.

8, the Ministry of agriculture, the rural ecological environment department jointly issued the "agricultural and rural pollution control battle action plan", defined the overall requirements of pollution control in rural areas, agricultural operations objectives, major tasks and safeguard measures, and make arrangements for agricultural and rural pollution control battle.

Give priority to solving the outstanding environmental issues people are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic

For such a new file, the public is most concerned about the problem to solve and to achieve the goal. The ecological environment of soil ecological environment secretary Su Kejing told reporters that the amount of pollution control in rural agricultural wide, weak foundation, is a long-term task. Three years of battle on the target and task for the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued the relevant major documents are fully convergence, both best effort, and our capabilities, adhere to the priority of the masses are most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic outstanding environmental problems.

The target can be summarized as "Paul two to 2020 for three minus four upgrade."." Su Kejing said, "Paul", namely the protection of drinking water sources in rural areas, rural drinking water safety and security; "two rule", namely the governance of rural garbage and sewage, to achieve the village environment clean and orderly; "three reduction", reduce fertilizer and pesticides and total amount of agricultural water; "four", i.e. promotion mainly by agricultural non-point source pollution caused by agricultural waste water exceed the standard, comprehensive utilization, environmental supervision capacity and rural residents participation.

"Not only do our best, the principle of state", one of the drafters of the ecological environment planning, environment development center of Environmental Management Institute Wang Yanan deep feelings: "let the people feel significantly improved, but also taking into account the current rural governance capacity, able to what extent is our repeated consideration."

Local conditions vary widely, the rural ecological environment governance objectives and how to consider the reality, reflect the difference? The action plan clear, all according to the quality of the environment, natural conditions, economic level and farmers hope, scientifically determine the target of local tasks, concentrate on solving the outstanding environmental problems, not to engage in "across the board", not formalism.

The difference of target reflected introduced Wang Yanan in many aspects, such as rural sewage treatment to advance, even the Midwest city suburban area of the eastern region, rural areas, sewage treatment rate is only required to improve; have a good foundation for the central and western, with the basic conditions of the region, the corresponding request is "arbitrary row misplacing get control".

The task covers two aspects of production and life, promote the improvement of the appearance of rural agriculture, green transformation

For a long time, the environmental protection departments on pollution prevention and control of city and industrial sources, agricultural departments pay more attention to the adjustment of agricultural production management, although the Department of housing, health and other projects, but the comprehensive management of the ecological environment in rural areas lack of unified deployment. The integration of all forces of the action plan itself is a breakthrough.

In the deployment plan of action task, strengthen the rural drinking water source protection, accelerate rural garbage treatment sewage is closely related to life and rural residents; and efforts to solve the aquaculture pollution, effective prevention and control of pollution of planting work with agricultural production aspects, "" plan of action will be more fully facing many environmental problems in rural areas.

The agricultural non-point source pollution control tasks, combined with the action plan, the Ministry of agriculture and rural focus of agricultural inputs reduction, clean production, waste recycling, eco industrial model.

The basket safety suffers attention. Li Bo, deputy director of the Ministry of rural agricultural science and technology education department, in the planting industry pollution prevention and control, action plan put forward in 2020, the main crop fertilizer and pesticide use to achieve a negative growth, chemical fertilizer, pesticide utilization rate reached more than 40%, fertilization technology coverage rate reached more than 90%, the main crops of green control coverage rate 30%, the main crop pests specialized anti rule coverage rate reached more than 40%, Poyang Lake and the surrounding areas of Dongting Lake used fertilizers and pesticides reduced by more than 10% than in 2015.

With the environment, health and is closely linked to the livestock pollution control, aquaculture pollution prevention and ecological protection of water resources, to promote the straw, plastic film and other tasks, these tasks are a quantitative index, are hard row to hoe.

Wang Yanan said, on the one hand to solve the present ecological environment in rural areas are "filthy" problems, promote the rural environment changed the face; on the other hand to promote the green transformation of agricultural production to quantitative indicators, expected as soon as possible to achieve standardization, agricultural ecological production mode.

Fill short board into the rural environment, policy incentives can not be less, multi pronged security objectives

The ecological environment governance, need capital, technology and talent, especially in the rural areas of rural areas, the lack of necessary conditions to look. The target task action plan how to ensure? Su Kejing said that the action plan 6 safeguard measures, including strengthening organizational leadership, improve the economic policies, strengthen the autonomy of villagers, foster market players, increase investment, strengthen supervision etc.. For example, to improve the economic policies, including to further promote the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price, the establishment of sewage treatment fee system of farmers and so on.

Input to management, Su Kejing said that the local government is responsible for the quality of rural ecological environment in this area, the main investment is governance. The system of government investment to establish a local, central appropriate subsidies. Local governments at all levels should co-ordinate the integration of urban and rural construction, environmental protection, agriculture and rural areas of capital, increase investment, establish a stable agricultural and rural pollution control funding channels. At the same time, deepen the award to promote governance policy, reasonable protection of rural environment investment, and to the poor and backward areas appropriate tilt, let rural poor people to benefit in agricultural and rural pollution control battle.

"Governance Miandaliangduo, could not only solve the problem by the central funds and local differences, do have difficulties in local finance." Wang Yanan said, it is gratifying that the market reacted positively to the action plan, many enterprises intend to participate in the environmental governance in rural areas.

To strengthen supervision, the action plan will require pollution control in rural areas of agricultural work into the province (area, city) pollution prevention campaign of the scope of examination, as an important part of the target responsibility assessment, county cadres performance evaluation. At the same time, the problem of pollution control in rural areas into the central agricultural ecological environmental protection inspector category, to serious pollution problems, governance work to promote ineffective area serious accountability.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 11 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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