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Traditional Chinese medicine can not be "artificial" (Chinese focus - quality about (on))

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In the first "Tonglu Tong Jun County of Zhejiang Province recently held the three Chinese herbal medicine exhibition, Chinese medicine pharmaceutical technicians show ancient processing technology.
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In recent years, the quality of Chinese herbal medicine aroused concern. The quality of Chinese herbal medicine is good or bad, directly affect the effect of clinical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Good medicine is good medicine. If there is no good medicine, Chinese medicine is also difficult to cast again good medicine. At present, the main part of the quality of the effect of Chinese herbal medicine planting, processing and circulation. In this regard, we specially sent a reporter conducted a survey, from today onwards, launched the "quality" in an special report, to find the way to solve the problem.


Traditional Chinese medicine knowledge

Through the specific process, the medicinal chemical composition contained in the change, resulting in reducing toxicity and enhancing effects

Hebei Qinhuangdao residents Ms. Stone was diagnosed as gastric signet ring cell carcinoma four, hematochezia appeared in a cancer hospital in Beijing after surgery. She traveled to various hospitals, eat a variety of Chinese and Western medicine, fecal occult blood is still 4 plus (positive). In desperation, she found the director of minimally invasive Acupuncture Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine third gold chang.

"Drug treatment, ten to six. You have to eat "poison"." Chang said gold. In fact, Chang said the poison is the golden toad skin, namely toad skin. The stone lady, waved their hands, said she would not eat. Gold Chang said, toad skin not let her eat directly, to be processed, many hospitals are not, they have to the hospital, eat a few suits have effect.

Ms. Stone by the doctor will burn 10 grams of dried toad concentrated decoction, kept after dinner drink, drink 3 days without stool, fecal occult blood examination only a plus. 7 days later, her fecal occult blood negative, after all no stool.

What is the processing of traditional Chinese medicine? Huang Jinchang introduced to burn dried toad for example, fresh toad broken blood strength is very strong, can promote bleeding. After the carbon burning coke, resistance to change, but has good hemostatic effect. A method of burning charcoal is the processing of traditional Chinese medicine, can play a role in the two attenuated and synergistic.

Cantharidin, Pharmacopoeia records is poisonous, the processing treatment of tissue sarcoma wonders. Euphorbia kansui, Euphorbia, nux vomica toxic, in clinic, the Chang of gold for the treatment of cancer medicine, the mystery is processed.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine theory, in accordance with their own needs and the nature of medicine dialectical medication, the different demands of dispensing, on the net by further processing medicinal origin processing production, fire system, water system and fire system and other processing methods, the product is of Chinese herbal medicine.

Chairman of China Association of Chinese medicine processing branch Jia Tianzhu engaged in the processing of traditional Chinese medicine teaching and research 40 years. He said, before and after the Chinese herbal medicine processing, through the process of specific methods, the chemical content changes, resulting in attenuated synergistic effect. Class contains Aconitum, Aconitum toxic ingredients of aconitine, 1 - 2 mg can be poisoned, 3 - 4 mg can be lethal, but after processing of aconitine into alkali hydrolysis Aconitum and aconine, so as to achieve low toxic and nontoxic. Contain toxic ingredients of strychnine in nux vomica, after processing can be converted to nitrogen oxides strychnine, reduce toxicity. Cantharidin containing cantharidin, also have high toxicity, when using low concentration of alkali treatment, generate sodium cantharidate, reduce toxicity.

"Sweating" processing method is one of the traditional Chinese medicine processing methods in common use, the fresh herbs heating or semi dry, sealed packing fever, the internal moisture evaporation, and condensation of water droplets attached to the surface of the medicinal materials, like the body sweating, so called "sweating". "Sweating" processing of Magnolia as an example, the study found "sweating" processing can improve the quantity of volatile oil of Magnolia officinalis, processing after 1 weeks of volatile oil of Magnolia officinalis increased by nearly 1 times. Determination by "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" in the extract, found the Magnolia "sweating" processing after processing, extract content increased by 23%.

Experts, research on changes of modern processing methods mainly focused on chemical composition, little research on its mechanism, and to formulate the standardized processing method standard, greatly limits the application of processing method, also affect the clinical curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine to improve.

The processing technology to be standardized

The biggest problem is not the existence of traditional Chinese medicine processing then, the system is not the system, or the processing is not in place, restricting the clinical curative effect of traditional Chinese Medicine

The biggest problem is not the existence of traditional Chinese medicine processing then, the system is not the system, or the processing is not in place, restricts the clinical curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine. Alba fried close to brown, almond fried into deep yellow, its effective ingredients can not reduce? Jia Tianzhu said, the most exquisite ancient Chinese medicine processing is moderate, not too much effect to the loss of anti odor. In ancient times, "every child will fry, every child must be broken", but now there is no fried herbs seeds do not break, there are fried and not broken, there are fried pieces after supply. Fried after the broken pieces factory direct supply to the control room, can be fried, but has caused bleeding and reduce the efficacy of this approach is not desirable.

"Although the fan will not concocted artificial". But now, the tedious process of continuous processing is simplified, according to the process of production and processing does not meet the eye everywhere medicine. Polygonum multiflorum is commonly used in clinical medicine, the black beans for accessories processing, pay attention to the cooked, cooked. Steamed Polygonum multiflorum rarely reach nine steamed nine sun, artificially reduced the steaming time. Salt processing technology of aconite, heishunpian, baifupian shall after process, is an important part of the reduction of aconite poison, but the origin of the farmers in the aconite rinsing process, in order to prevent the weight reduction, rinse times serious shrink".

"Pieces of production processing technology are not standardized, difficult to determine the degree of processing, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of traditional Chinese medicine." China chief researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xiao Yongqing said.

Rhubarb, South to north water to wine, and wine are stewed. At present, the majority of Chinese herbal medicine, especially the processing of heating, adding accessories and other methods of varieties, the processing technology of different parts, different processing time, the materials are not the same, there is a big difference for quality control of discrimination. Xiao Yongqing said that the pieces could not achieve production process specification of national unity, the urgent need to carry out research on standardized pieces according to local conditions, regional production process, improve the level of modernization of herbal industry.

Processing products quality is uneven, the reason lies in the lack of a set of easy control, quality evaluation of exclusive method. In the processing of rhizome herbs pieces as an example, according to the traditional classification methods should be based on the appearance, film is excellent. Research shows that the modern evaluation standard application of active ingredients in Chinese medicine are mainly distributed in the epidermis and root. The result is that the sheet shaped small pieces of "active ingredients" were higher than that of large pieces of sheet. The use of different artificial cultivation of herbs and processed into pieces, in the shape of "with geoherbs production pieces, but better than" the active ingredient content is much lower than that of genuine pieces. According to the shape and color pieces and section of traditional experience identification methods, the lack of the support of modern science and technology, can effectively judge the quality of pieces.

"Not only can not rely on appearance and not simply by the content of effective components known to determine the level of the quality of the pieces." Xiao Yongqing believes that the criteria to make the organic combination of the two, to achieve harmonization of quality evaluation standard of traditional classification and modern scientific connotation of quality.

Processing can not be separated

The integration of the producing and processed pieces, which can not only reduce the processing cost, but also ensure the source, convenient regulation, to let people eat safe and secure and effective Chinese herbal medicine

Qi village is located in the 15 Hebei Anguo north, processing, trading and famous licorice. In a process of the yard, the tractor shed, are stacked with licorice, have red have yellow skin, different thickness and length. All specifications and grades of the needs of the market, they can guarantee delivery processing. Scutellaria village, village, village of Glehnia chinensis...... There are many similar processing of Chinese herbal medicine professional village.

Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese herbal medicine processing early processing is closely linked to some Chinese herbal medicines, and no distinct division of labor between the two, was artificially separated into two independent processing section. Although convenient medicine storage and long-distance transport, but ignore the inherent law of medicine quality formation, the formation of organic chain drug quality separates the drawbacks gradually revealed. For a long time, Chinese herbal medicine early processing is not as separate links are strictly regulated, become the medicine industry chain in the most difficult part of the current regulation.

Xiao Yongqing believes that the Chinese herbal medicine processing into different pieces, not only increase the cost of production, and medicinal materials in storage and transportation in the process of deterioration and component loss, seriously affect the quality of the pieces. A lot of Chinese medicine can be directly in the origin of processing pieces, some fresh cut and dried, and some can be dried to appropriate moisture content then cut. For example, Tianma is not easy to run through, after the cut pieces; hematoxylin fresh herbs is not easy to dry, dry to cut, run the process is easy to cause the loss of active ingredients of licorice; fresh cut easily and good character, after drying the fiber is not easy to cut, character, easy to cause the loss of effective components of drug moistening lost.

Chinese Chinese medicine Chinese Herbal Medicine Association Special Committee Chairman Ren Yuzhen said, "Chinese" Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition contained the original processing of 64 varieties, such as ginger, yam, the source of all relevant Pharmacopoeia standards while the processing of fresh description. Chinese herbal medicines in direct production processing into pieces, in line with the development trend of Chinese medicine industry. "Chinese herbal medicine protection and development planning of 2015 - 2020" clearly "while developing origin and deep processing of fresh cut system". Therefore, while the processing of fresh varieties should be gradually expanded.

Xiao Yongqing believes that the medicinal materials processing is the priority among priorities to protect the quality of Chinese medicinal materials. The integration of the producing and processed pieces, which can not only reduce the processing cost, but also ensure the source, convenient regulation, to let people eat safe and secure and effective Chinese herbal medicine.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 17 Edition)
(Yuan Bo Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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