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China actively promote the review of local disease prevention and control work

Newspaper reporter Bai Jianfeng

In December 2018 06, 04:43 source: People's daily

"It more beautiful scenery, Hua Tuo helpless bug where." This was a microcosm of China's local disease ridden. Bid farewell to the "God of plague" well-off society, become the dream of several generations.

China was the local epidemic is more serious country, the severity of the disease, the danger of large, widely distributed, mainly popular local diseases including: iodine deficiency disease, endemic fluorosis, arsenism and other geochemical diseases; schistosomiasis, hydatid disease and other natural infectious diseases; causes of Kashin Beck disease and Keshan disease etc. unknown endemic disease. The prevention and control of endemic diseases, not only is a major public health problem, but also an important livelihood projects.

May I ask if you want to "blast where boats, candles burning." Of the party since eighteen, China has formulated a number of endemic disease prevention and control planning, the local disease prevention and control and the precise combination of poverty, ensure expenditure, improve the network, the implementation of comprehensive prevention and control measures, the local disease in most areas has been effectively controlled or eliminated.

Remove iodine deficiency "hat"

Huachuan County, Heilongjiang province Zhen Su Jia Jixian Cun, who is known for the village idiot". Local popular jingle: "a generation, two generation and four generation three silly root bud." It is said that the first generation of people suffering from endemic goiter, second generations to suffer from endemic cretinism, iodine deficiency affects the nervous system of the fetus, mental retardation, short stature in children. The 1978 census, the village of 1313 people, 856 people suffering from endemic goiter, 154 cases of endemic cretinism.

In the party and the government, Jixian village to eat the salt, drink the tap water, the use of iodized oil in women of childbearing age, endemic diseases are fundamental control. At present, the iodine nutrition level of the villagers have reached the national standard, but also a series of test out dozens of College students. The former "poor nest", a well-off village famous for.

According to a survey conducted in 1970s, China's provinces have different levels of iodine deficiency disease or iodine deficiency hazard threat with goiter in nearly 35 million people nationwide, 250 thousand patients with endemic cretinism. The endemic areas of endemic poverty, basically distributed in remote rural areas, because of poor disease, illness phenomenon prominent. Another survey shows that the 832 impoverished counties, there are 1 high water iodine County, 831 counties have iodine deficiency disease, 584 counties have other endemic diseases.

From 1994 onwards, China has adopted universal salt iodization strategy, sharp decline in iodine deficiency disease, iodine nutrition level of the residents continue to improve. 2000, our country from iodine deficiency "hat", since 2005, always in a state of sustainable elimination of iodine deficiency disorders. "1025" final assessment results show that the no new cretinism children patients, the level of iodine nutrition in general maintain appropriate state.

In recent years, the elimination of iodine deficiency is endemic as a key measure to implement health and poverty alleviation in china. As of now, the 94.2% County strive to eliminate iodine deficiency diseases, leading level in 128 countries and regions to take measures in the world in iodized salt. At the same time, the establishment of a complete IDD monitoring system, will be the end of this year with the county as units to achieve full coverage of the population iodine nutrition monitoring.

"Our wills unite like a fortress. bug"

The patient had jaundice, liver damage is very serious, the operation is relatively complex." The day before, in the West China Hospital of Sichuan University remote consultation center, deputy director of the liver surgery Wang Wentao as the representative of the multidisciplinary team and the diagnosis and treatment of hepatic echinococcosis in Sichuan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Ganzi province people's hospital through the video, a local severe hepatic hydatid disease patients for remote consultation.

West China Hospital of Sichuan University Dean Li Weimin said, in order to improve the local hydatid disease prevention ability, West China Hospital in remote consultation system based on the formation of the "online" and "in" a combination of hydatid disease prevention and control system. At present, Ganzi hospital has 7 independent complex hydatid disease surgery professionals, each year more than 500 times to complete the operation of hydatid disease. The state gives drug free treatment for all patients with hydatid disease, surgical treatment of patients in the national basic medical insurance reimbursement, the central transfer project grant, the basic realization of patients with low or even zero pay pay".

Sichuan Tibetan region is one of the popular heavy area of hydatid disease. Since 2015, Sichuan Province on the prevention and treatment of hydatid disease and poverty alleviation as a key work to promote synergy. Through the combination of joint prevention and control, prevention and treatment of patients with hydatid disease, the detection rate has dropped from 0.04% in 2017 to 0.13% in 2014. Is expected by the end of 2020, Sichuan Province, the basic control of hydatid disease epidemic.

The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the work of hydatid disease prevention. The "national key hydatid disease parasitic disease prevention plan (2016 - 2020)" proposed, taken to the health education prevention strategy guide, control the source of infection and improve health conditions, both prevention and treatment of patients with intermediate host combination.

Hydatid disease is a zoonotic disease of old. Eggs of dog faeces are often contaminated vegetables and water, people infected with the disease due to the ingestion of eggs. In order to cut off the "dog" is an important source of the spread of the state of Ganzi issued the "measures" dog management norms, carry out standardized management of statewide linkage dogs special action, and to determine the 10 per month for the "dog day off". At the same time, also the implementation of the household registration management of dogs, dogs, the implementation of limited support to raise, insecticide and harmless treatment of infected dogs.

With the town center school in Shiqu County, Sichuan Prefecture, Ganzi shrimp, the students every day with the music dance Guozhuang dance class-break setting-up exercise, hand washing has become a part of the dance movement. The education department arranged a "hydatid disease prevention wash dance", I hope the students to develop good habits, good habits and home.

Schistosomiasis had been epidemic in 12 provinces in southern china. At present, the country has reached the criteria of transmission control, Shanghai, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang and other 5 provinces have eliminated schistosomiasis in Sichuan province reached the criteria of transmission interruption. Around to seriously implement the comprehensive schistosomiasis control strategy, human and animal infection rate decreased significantly, further compression of the epidemic range, national schistosomiasis prevention and control work has achieved remarkable results, to achieve the "national prevention and control of schistosomiasis in long-term plan (2004 - 2015)" target. The 450 counties, 82 counties reached the criteria of transmission control, 153 counties reached the criteria of transmission interruption, 215 counties reached the standard of eliminating.

Oven changed except "fluorine toxicity"

Recently, the "Guizhou" 13th Five-Year "endemic disease prevention program" issued interim results of the assessment. The results showed that the iodine lack disease, arsenism caused by coal-burning fluorosis, 3 major local disease prevention and control situation continued to improve.

Guizhou province is rich in coal resources, known as the "southern sea of coal", the rural masses have been widely used in coal-fired stove open hearth, cause indoor air and food from fluorine pollution. Epidemiological survey in 2006, Guizhou province has 37 counties disease of coal-burning fluorosis, involving more than 401 households households. Among them, nearly 10 million of patients with dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis of about 1 million 70 thousand, accounting for the same number of cases in half.

In 2004, China's full implementation of comprehensive prevention and control measures to improve the stove. 2009, eliminating the inclusion of major public health projects of national coal burning fluorosis. Only in Guizhou, the central and local governments will invest 12.1 billion yuan, oven changed 173.7 million. At present, Guizhou has basically eliminated the harm of endemic arsenism; fluorosis has 29 counties (cities and districts) to eliminate the level of the other 6 counties (cities and districts) in 2020 is expected to reach the control level.

As of now, all county area of stove improvement rate was 98.4% of the coal-burning endemic fluorosis areas, the implementation of the defluoridation project of 93.6% endemic fluorosis; coal-pollution endemic arsenism area completed stove improvement work, find out the drinking water endemic arsenic poisoning area complete water.

Sun Dianjun said the local center for Disease Control and prevention and control center director Chinese disease prevention, coal-burning endemic fluorosis is no longer a major public health problem in rural areas. However, due to the distribution of human pathogenic factors in the natural environment can not be changed, only the establishment of sustainable prevention and control mechanism, in order to avoid the local disease rebound. Believe that through unremitting efforts, the local disease can be controlled or eliminated.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 06 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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