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To upgrade the fake website of government regulation step by step

Newspaper reporter Wu Shan

In December 2018 06, 04:46 source: People's daily

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Anhui clean up 36 counterfeit government website, Hunan investigated 22, Guizhou disposal 8...... The reporter was informed that this year, the provinces through technical monitoring, safety inspection, users report a variety of ways, to continue the fight against fake government websites chaos. The new standard is more stringent checks to the government website, is also forthcoming.

A genuine

Recently, a "transportation information network" Yantai city government website said the report by users, posing as Yantai city transportation management office "network (now integrated into the Yantai City Transportation Bureau portal).

The seemingly complete, column classification clear and timely updates, also home to hang out with the genuine website similar to the "information" entrance, careful study found the website domain name labels are not standardized, the functional areas lack of government agencies website logo, ICP record number, site identification and other necessary information. Some people failed to distinguish, do take fake road transport qualification certificate, just know to be. As of press time, the copycat network can still open, is not promptly banned and clean.

A similar incident occurred frequently in recent years. To register the domain name "" and "Leshan city public human resources service center", fake city human resources and social security bureau network, selling fake certificate of Title illegal profits; Sichuan district government departments in the tri state area network according to the requirements after shutting down by foreign institutions to take advantage of a weak point publish a large number of false false website, launched a government information; the Private Companies opened fraudulent use of ministries in the name of the government website, by Sike seal and 20 provinces of the victim signed multiple local channel plate contract.

Under the guise of central ministries in the name of providing false certificate, illegal query; release of a large number of false information to mislead users, resulting in adverse social impact; embezzlement of government website name, openly selling fake goods sell personal information...... On the official website of plagiarism, posing as "out of thin air, all kinds of routine upgrades, serious damage to the credibility of the government. According to security alliance platform statistics, government, education, finance and other fields as the most common site of counterfeit objects.

Expert analysis, technical threshold, fake website opened capital threshold is relatively low, the design of a web page in just half a day, today blocked a tomorrow for a comeback". Beware of fake websites to take measures to avoid, deliberately hide the true identity of operators, make it difficult for users to identify.

Push down governance

After these years of heavy governance and normal supervision, the Chinese government website from simple information publishing platform, upgrade to service people "online supermarket". However, the premise to provide a more comfortable service experience, is to "identify the government website". Copycat against government website, not only to make the "sky", but also to clear the survival of the soil.

Since last year, the government website management office announced last year from continuing: government website development guidelines to make annual reports issued at the beginning of the government website released notice to launch in the second half notice on strengthening government website domain management, continue to strengthen the regulation policy. Office of the state from the standard application for the domain name registration process, strengthen the DNS Security Protection, perfect disposal mechanism, the increase of counterfeit government website efforts to dispose of, and asked all localities and departments to conduct a comprehensive review and rectification, appear to contain fake government websites from the source.

It is understood that the relevant departments are comprehensively holding the domain name, domain name and the cancellation of non-compliance be used for non government websites ending in "" domain name etc.. As of now, the site management of fake government all localities and departments steadily, Guangxi has issued the relevant supporting documents. The forthcoming government website the latest sampling standards, will further strengthen the "strict access to the copycat". As the government website Yuebanyuehao, counterfeit government website will cost more and more high, will be increasingly difficult.

In addition to strengthening the management and protection of government websites from the institutional and technical level, users themselves also need to improve security awareness, to create a fake government website strike governance environment in the whole society.

"Copycat governance government network, not only to" imitation ", also hard to make people understand what is' authentic '; but also to further regulate commercial search engines and other sites, to really really information, links in the search results to the front." School of government of Peking University associate professor Huang Huang suggested.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 23 Edition)

(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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