Do not let the privacy terms as "lip-service" (new media observer)


In December 2018 06, 04:46 source: People's daily

When the platform is beyond the reasonable limits of willful recourse, once negligent custody protection, personal information will inevitably be wide open, criminals take advantage of a weak point ", not only can not guarantee the security of user information, personal information may also breed phone SMS harassment, network sale, telecommunications fraud and other chaos, intrusion of network space in good order


59 APP suspected of excessive collection of location information, suspected of excessive collection of mail list information, identity information, mobile phone number APP more than 20%...... The day before, in the "100 App Association issued a collection of personal information and privacy policy assessment report" shows that in the evaluation for social communication, video playback and other 10 categories of 100 APP, as many as 91 suspected of "crossing the permissions listed".

In the information age, APP get the user location permissions, as the key to holding to the user, means that the use of the user portrait, more accurate, more specific analysis to provide more convenient services. However, when the platform beyond the reasonable limits of willful recourse, once negligent custody protection, personal information will inevitably be wide open, criminals take advantage of a weak point ", not only can not guarantee the security of user information, may also breed chaos personal information trading, phone SMS harassment, network telecommunications fraud, network intrusion benign order space.

APP claims to a good degree. What is the core of privacy, what is the general information, clear reasonable boundary is an important prerequisite for permission for user privacy, guard. In May 1st this year since the implementation of the "safety standards" personal information security technology information, personal information processing activities should follow the "at least" principle to carry out personal information control, except otherwise agreed with the subject of personal information, only needed to meet personal information subject to grant consent for the purpose of the least personal information type and number. The purpose is reached, according to the agreement shall promptly delete personal information. The application of functional upgrading should not at the cost of privacy downgrade. For APP, reasonable use, mining depth, rather than for cross-border, abusing the abuse, in order to take into account the need to upgrade the function development and user privacy protection.

APP claims to be stated. The privacy clause is not "lip-service", but not "recourse clause". Participate in the evaluation of APP, there are 47 APP privacy policy content is not standard, in which the 34 APP no privacy. Privacy is not only the platform and application of collection, processing, use of user information disclosure is user oriented commitment contracts. However, some privacy terms APP or the use of user information to mislead users; or talk ambiguously, set long text, the key terms of layers of cover; others play by default check routine trick, let users "accidentally" was granted the right. Cannot read from, can not find, can not change to the active prompt, optional, free to withdraw the authorization, privacy provisions should be listed clear account, can effectively avoid the user information fall".

We should also see that willful claims remediation chaos, in addition to APP developers, operators of consciousness and self-discipline, standardize the performance, ordinary users should also strengthen the legal awareness of the protection of personal information, information disclosure, willful recourse encounter when timely complaint, according to the initiative rights. The relevant departments should establish efficient complaint handling and illegal remediation mechanism, make timely claims willful should bear the anomie of illegal cost, effectively prevent leakage of personal privacy channel APP.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 23 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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