The "hand in hand" TV network good-looking and fun (Internet front tracking)

Newspaper reporter Dong Siyu

2018 12 06 April 04:46 source: People's daily

AI songs online virtual chorus collection, enable virtual studio...... The day before, initiated by the Central Radio and television station CCTV children's channel TV art troupe of the Milky Way juvenile "silver Hezhisheng" program to try new technology, new ways to bring the audience more fresh feeling. Since the program has started, all kinds of fusion of the dissemination of the contents of the total amount of reading over 48 million 630 thousand.

Professor Song Jianwu, Renmin University of China School of journalism that is shared between the traditional TV media and new media can function, the user interaction, contribute to the transformation of traditional TV media, but also help to enter the healthy development track in new media.

Offline + online communication development

The Vienna boys choir in the "silver 2019" series of activities Hezhisheng financial media second live games, at the same time, launched in Sina News and dozens of network platform, the cumulative amounted to about 2100000; CCTV science channel independent original "China riddle Congress" the implementation of the new media program staff to the network, integrated planning, integrated operation, implement the maximum effectiveness of the communication program...... In the new media broadcast content, more obvious and homogenization of the competitive situation, many television programs to win high-quality content, to achieve good communication effect on the Internet platform.

"Silver Hezhisheng" line of financial media activities of producer Liu Chuanzhi, "silver" Hezhisheng next year's financial media activities with Tencent, Iqiyi, Sina has 3 media interactive platform and 14 broadcast platform to reach a new media cooperation, and set the "silver Hezhisheng" activities according to the different characteristics of the platform area. "Silver Hezhisheng" launched a virtual chorus area in the national Tencent K song, in the collection of new media users to upload video at the same time, also to next year's new year special program guide.

"High quality television program broadcast on the Internet platform, can make up for the traditional mode of communication in the Internet under the impact of unfavorable situation decline." Song Jianwu said, the content need to channel support, so the traditional mainstream television media should continue to strengthen and expand their own communication ability.

Virtual reality + seamless docking

In November 17th, "silver Hezhisheng" "Yingtan" broadcast, two songs completed by AI songs first, attracted the audience attention. Liu Chuanzhi said: "these two songs with big data to complete the music composition and orchestration process, we only need to provide keywords and requirements, a role for about a week."

In order to adapt to the financial media era, more and more TV programs try to use new media technology, become both good-looking and fun for the program.

Created by the Oriental TV, Guangdong blue flame culture media Co., "goddess's new clothes", from the audience audio-visual experience, will be the first naked eye 3D and holographic projection technology into television programs, the audience in front of the TV screen, without the need to wear glasses can enjoy professional, to three-dimensional stage effect.

"Silver Hezhisheng" except for AI songs, the application of virtual studio is a major bright spot. In the country live, virtual studio in Beijing and live local stage show host interaction at any time, and animated characters between the virtual scene and real scene repeatedly crossing, make up for the Beijing virtual studio and field field scene distance.

Song Jianwu said that the application of new media technology in the traditional TV show, has a positive effect on the depth of information processing and production efficiency improvement. In addition, the traditional TV media to adapt to the Internet age, also need to use the contents of intelligent recognition based on precise distribution technology and massive content analysis of deep processing of polymerization technology, the promotion program, and distribution efficiency.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 23 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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