Expert advice on how to eliminate outdated customs and bad habits of wedding

In December 2018 06, 05:57 source: Legal Daily

Reporter Zhao Li.

The newspaper reporter Intern Cui Leilei

The Ministry of Civil Affairs recently held a national marriage customs reform forum. The meeting proposed that the bride price, in some places the lavish, extravagant human competition, vulgar marriage, money worship prevailed, make moral decline and other problems. These problems not only become a stumbling block to Rural Revitalization and poverty alleviation, and the impact on people's spirit and civilization accomplishment, influence of marriage and family harmony and social healthy development.

How to solve these problems? The Ministry of civil affairs put forward the marriage customs reform, actively promote the reform.

You need to clarify causes of marriage

For the customs of the problem, the relevant departments have been in the hands of governance.

At the end of 2016, the national health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of civil affairs and other 11 ministries jointly issued "on the" 13th Five-Year "period to further promote hunyuxinfeng households activities", clearly advocates to do simple marriage, against forced marriage, illegal marriage, lavish and obtain property by marriage.

Rural revitalization, rural civilization is the guarantee. 2018 central document "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country's opinion" is explicitly proposed that we must adhere to the material civilization and spiritual civilization, enhance the farmers' spirit, cultivate civilized rural wind, good family style, simple folk, and constantly improve the rural social civilization. On the one hand to promote the inheritance and development of traditional culture in rural areas, play its important role in the cohesion of the people, the masses, Chunhua folk in the enlightenment. On the other hand, should also carry out customs operations, eliminate outdated customs and bad habits.

In our country, weddings and funerals, sent the customs carrying the interactive communication and emotional communication etc..

"What is so simple to change the old custom? One is willing to make a wish to." In the face of grassroots governance, this is a lot of people think.

In the view of the Sociology Department of Wuhan University associate professor Liu Yanwu, bride price, vulgar marriage customs trouble is chronically difficult to contain, the key problem is that it is a "soft" and the society has a high degree of differentiation. "Soft issues difficult to solve with the hard way, because the hard way easily" cross-border ". For example, the bride price problem, regardless of how the two sides in the subjective reluctant, but from an objective point of view, both sides is consensual, otherwise this marriage knot on the line or not. In this case, I'm afraid not simple treatment and treatment, not to mention the hard way ".

In this regard, a sociology professor at Beijing Normal University, Dong Leiming believes that from a practical point of view, behind the marriage reform, to make clear what is the mechanism of the bride price. This is supported by some major structural contradictions, when these structural contradictions cannot change, in any legal system, are invalid.

In Dong Leiming's view, such as marriage bride price issue has long been difficult to contain, there are three main reasons:

First, the proportion of men and women is not balanced, fewer women than men. From the social point of view, women are more likely to marry better people, and men largely difficult to find than their own good woman, often there will be married to the plain, mountainous rural city, small city to marry to marry to the big city trend. Women have been less, but also the emergence of the phenomenon of increasing upstream flow. At the same time, along with the development of industrialization, urbanization, market development, a large number of women in the city.

Second, rural economic differentiation. The bride is on the surface of mother-in-law decided intuitive results, but behind the emergence of rural economic differentiation. The bride price is actually relatively wealthy to develop standards, will also form economic medium and lower middle class family economic bottom constantly on the run, was out of the question.

Thirdly, the characteristics of Chinese family intergenerational relationship is close, for most parents, their son negative "unlimited" responsibility, son marriage is their life, most are also responsible for the parents of bride price, the dowry money is through generational relay (3 generation) saved up, so there is "extraordinary" the space. The regional gap Chinese, some areas of negative parents "limited" responsibility for the son, intergenerational relationship is not so close, so the price is relatively low price.

"In such a structure, through reform, legal regulation is not, unless the change above three structures, will be effective." Dong Leiming said.

Whether through legislation to curb the chaos

Ever heard of the "bigamy shall be prohibited"?

For this problem, the reporter in the offline and online survey, a total of 98 respondents were given the answer, only 8.66% of respondents had heard that the vast majority of respondents do not know the marriage law of our country has such a provision.

"This is the most fundamental issue in public legal consciousness of betrothal gifts." He worked as a consultant in Beijing a marriage agency Zhao Xiaoxue told reporters, "there are many reasons for this situation. The betrothal gifts custom in the local existence of "folk law", is considered to be reasonable and lawful. Therefore, especially in rural areas despite many actually obtain property by marriage phenomenon, but people are not aware that this behavior is illegal."

"But, if not from the legislative provisions will make the betrothal gift amount, amount of chaos, so high betrothal gifts. In some betrothal gifts disputes, some people think that the bride is large property, then the economic situation of different people have different conclusions. Because no amount of provisions, in trouble at the same time to betrothal marriage parties, also contributed to the social comparisons and different unwholesome tendencies." Zhao Xiaoxue said.

In the interview, there are also people raised, whether the problem of marriage regulation through legislation.

In this regard, Liu Yanwu believes that the law should not be too involved. Because of the excessive intervention of law is not only the expression of emotional factors weakening marriage problems, and from the legal perspective that marriage consumption in the project involves the marriage of private property, some man willing to buy a better house, send more betrothal gifts to the woman, but also used to buy a house and pay the bride price money these are their legitimate private this property, how to pass legislation to prohibit? In a more highly differentiated society, which may be encountered in the general legal legal dilemma.

In this regard, there have been attempts to place a way, namely the use of rural grassroots organizations to do the wedding process, the amount of the betrothal gifts in the form of villagers convention fixed by rural white Council to regulate.

In this regard, Dong Leiming's view is that in many places, it was a real red. For the "sacred marriage registration ceremony instead of lavish wedding ceremony" to this request, may also play an effective role. However, for the problem of private betrothal, actually has the existence of market pattern, so the white Council regulation price is difficult to price, and the relevant person in charge is also very difficult to intervene, it is difficult to operate.

"This practice should be affirmed. Of course, the effect remains to be seen, but at least it is a very positive attitude and vane, can play a guiding role. The implementation will encounter problems, through the white Council guidance and the formation of village rules can only be 'soft approach', for 'soft approach', the effect can only It differs from man to man." Liu Yanwu said that countries should vigorously advocate civilized marriage consumption. Whether it is television or newspapers or a variety of new media, especially those dating shows, these channels of communication with the public and the guidance, can not provide publicity platform for conspicuous consumption and marriage marriage vulgar, vulgar. At the same time, can be explored through the legal regulation of those marriage and consumer related companies. For example, some real estate companies hit you from mother only a suite from the "housing can be called the mother-in-law, no house you can shout aunt" advertisement through the streets, these is a violation of public order and good morals typical. The direction of the force should be in this area.

(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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