Cold blue warning: large areas of the eastern cool 6~8 degrees

In December 2018 06, 06:10 source: Beijing in December 6, the Central Meteorological Station in December 6th 06 when to release a cold blue warning:

By the strong cold air is expected during the day, 6 to 9, large areas of the eastern 4 ~ 6 northerly winds, the temperature has dropped 6 to 8 DEG C, the eastern part of Northeast China, southern North China, Eastern Huang Huai, JAC, Jiangnan East, Southern China and Guizhou in central and Southern parts of the temperature drops 8 ~ 10 degrees, 10 degrees above the local cooling. Eastern and southern area has 7 ~ 8, 9 ~ 10 gale gust. 9 on the morning of the minimum temperature of 0 degrees line will be pressed to the south along the Yangtze River region.

Defense guide:

1, people should pay attention to add warm clothing; good weather to cool the gale defense in production;

2, doors and windows, partitions, scaffolding, temporary structures and other easily by wind blowing tight structures, the proper placement of outdoor items easily affected by strong winds;

3, should go to the safe haven shelter, outdoor workers Caution! Notice;

4, pay attention to the relevant media reports the latest information of wind cooling, in order to take further measures;

5, traffic, public security departments should be in accordance with the duty to do road icing preparedness.

(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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