Notice of the general office of the State Council on 2019 part of the holiday

In December 2018 06, from 18:05: social channel Beijing December 6, today, the general office of the State Council issued a notice in 2019 part of the holiday arrangements. Specific arrangements are as follows:

New year's Day: December 30, 2018 to January 1, 2019 vacation days off, a total of 3 days. December 29, 2018 (Saturday).

Two, from February 4th to 10th: the Spring Festival vacation days off, a total of 7 days. February 2nd (Saturday), February 3rd (Sunday).

Three, Tomb-sweeping Day: April 5th holiday, and the holiday weekend.

Four, Labor Day: 5 month 1 day holiday.

Five, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday: 6 month 7 days, and the holiday weekend.

Six, September 13th: Mid Autumn Festival holiday, and the holiday weekend.

Seven, from October 1st to 7th: National Day vacation days off, a total of 7 days. September 29th (Sunday), October 12th (Saturday).

(commissioning editor Yue Hongbin and Cao Kun)

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